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                  • Integrity
                  • Team
                  • Innovate
                  • Study

                  Integrity  Trust  Reliable  Modest

                  Integrity is a spiritual beacon for company managers, and also the first essential factor for the growth of Dongcheng people. We advocate a reliable and modest style of work. Do not publicize everything, keep promises, and work diligently. Fulfill employee’s thinking space and every level of production and operation with practical and solid work.


                  Respect  Communication  Mutual Help  Unity

                  Team is the cornerstone of enterprise development. Team members should be honest with each other, exchange opinions frankly and sincerely, and share advantages and resources. Unite and respect each employee of the team, pull together in times of trouble, and work hard and perseveringly, to make a harmonious family of Dongcheng Tools.


                  Steady Progress  Thinking of Adversity  Transcend  Maintain

                  Never the best. Only better. Guide the development of electric power tool industry with continuous innovation; provide safe and stable products and services of the most competitive price/performance ratio through continuous improvement in technology and m management; and continue to create the greatest value for clients and cooperation partners.


                  Active  Open  Study  Progress

                  Ambitious, and always keep moving. Create an open, communicative, and interactive enterprise atmosphere, and build a learning team. Make study the eternal force for the continuous progress of enterprise.


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